Foster meaningful relationships in your "work from anywhere" workforce with tactics designed to enhance connection, team morale, and communication.

Zoom and Slack are vital for remote work, but they're not enough to replicate a shared office space's spontaneous interactions and social bonds. Leaders need tools that actively cultivate connection, provide a pulse on culture, and empower both HR and managers to better support their teams. offers a unique solution to address this challenge. More Than Just Check-Ins

Founded on MIT research linking strong workplace relationships with high performance, leverages AI to transform workplace culture. Their science-backed approach fosters deep-rooted behavioral changes and builds resilient systems. Key features go beyond simple check-ins to create a daily practice that:

  1. Cultivates Connection: Gamified interactions encourage meaningful conversations, celebration of wins, and team-building activities.
  2. Provides Actionable Insights: Real-time data highlights team dynamics and sentiment, empowering HR and leaders to proactively address issues and support well-being.
  3. Drives Behavioral Change: Nudges encourage positive actions by employees and managers, fostering a culture of support, feedback, and shared purpose.

How Transforms Remote Culture

  • Meaningful Relationships: Daily prompts for self-reflection, feedback, and informal connection replace the isolation of remote work.
  • Aligned Communication: Provides a consistent channel for communication, setting expectations, and ensuring everyone understands goals and decisions.
  • Data-Driven Empowerment: HR and leadership gain invaluable insights into employee experience, team health, and potential cultural red flags.

The Power of Shared Purpose helps organizations reinforce a sense of shared purpose amongst their distributed workforce. Employees find deeper meaning and motivation by consistently showcasing how individual work contributes to the company's mission.

In our final article, we'll discuss how leadership must adapt to successfully manage a remote workforce and explore how tools like can support their success.

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