Studies show that higher personal growth is critical to encouraging employees to become your ambassador

Why is Personal Growth important for organization?

“Your ability to grow a company is dependent upon your ability to help others grow.” [1] — Geoffrey James,, Contributing Editor

Personal growth or personal development is a key driver of employee engagement; business cultures that emphasize it show improvement to top-level performance as well as stronger and more sustainable profitability [2]. Personal growth also plays a significant role in an employees’ ambassadorship. When the employees feel engaged at work, they are more likely to tell others how much they love their workplace. This advocacy enhances your organization’s reputation, leading to better revenue growth and big improvements to employee retention.

Our studies at Happily platform show the impact that strong employee brand advocacy has on an organization.

The Relationship between Personal Growth and Employee Advocacy

“Employees who don’t feel they are experiencing personal growth in the organization do not recommend their organization to others”.

Having collected feedback from over 1,300 participants through our daily pulse surveys in the studies on the relationship between personal growth and advocacy, we considered an employee’s likeliness to recommend their workplace to others based on three different aspects of personal growth:

  1. Self-perceived
    Do you feel like you are learning and growing?
  2. Manager-supported personal growth
    Does your manager encourage and support your development?
  3. Organizational support
    Do you feel like you’re progressing in your professional development at this company?
Figure 1. The percentage of persons who feel they do not have personal growth at all and would recommend the organization, and the percentage of persons who feel they fully have personal growth and would recommend the organization, compared to the persons in the same group based on three variant factors.

Here are our findings:

  • Individuals who experienced personal growth are 2.6x more likely to recommend their workplace to others than those who do not.
  • Individuals who had manager-supported personal growth are 1.8x more likely to recommend their workplace to others.
  • Individuals with organizational support are also 1.8x more likely to recommend their workplace to others (see Figure 1).

As a result, employees who do not feel they have experienced personal growth at all in a self-perceived aspect are more than 3x less likely to recommend their organizations to others.

In aspects of manager support and organizational support, employees who do not feel they have experienced personal growth are 2x less likely to recommend their organization as a great place to work.

Clearly personal growth plays a significant role in employee brand advocacy.

Unlocking your Growth Culture

A growth mindset among your employees is not only very important for their personal growth and resilience but also for your long-term revenue growth, and your ability to attract the best talent out there.

Five Steps To Improve personal growth and development

  1. Be sure to align personal growth goals with team and organizational goals
  2. Be clear and transparent when you offer guidance on career path and development goals
  3. Make sure your managers are accountable in supporting employee growth
  4. Provide coaching to help facilitate personal growth
  5. Provide access to systems that support self-learning

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